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How to achieve the lowest possible cost for your landlords and achieve 100% compliance before the deadline.
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Every rental property in Queensland must meet the new smoke alarm rules by 31st December 2021.

It is already impossible for every rental property to be made compliant by the deadline, and it gets worse with each passing day. The deadline date won’t change and you must achieve 100% compliance for your landlords before the deadline. We can show you how to guarantee 100% compliance before the deadline at the lowest possible cost for your landlords.

The QFES have stated that the new rules will be strictly enforced with a penalty of $500 for non-compliance. Rental properties cannot be leased or sold after this date unless the property complies with the new legislation.

With more than 400,000 properties to be made compliant, this represents a significant logistical problem to achieve compliance by the due date.

You must act and plan now

We can provide you independent and unbiased advice on how to beat the deadline and achieve 100% compliance. There is no need to change your current smoke alarm service provider.

The Smoke Alarm Association Australia is the not-for-profit Industry Association for the Australian smoke alarm industry.  The Association leads and supports a professional smoke alarm industry for a safer community.

As a free service to you and the industry, we will work with your existing smoke alarm servicing provider to ensure that your landlords pay the lowest possible cost and that all your properties meet the new rules before the deadline.